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FAQ & Instructions

Is the material safe to use on my skin? 

Our molding powder(from the step 1 bag) which you mix with water is based on organic,natural sea-weed.The jelly that touches your skin is completely harmless,non-toxic,andbiodegradable.That's why it's safe for everybody from babies to even your dog.Our special formula has been through many international tests to certify its safety.If you wish to be absolutely sure,you can always test yourself by mixing just a teaspoon of powder with water,and apply some to the top of your hand.

How long does it take?

During step 1 you have to keep your hands inside the molding mixture for about 3 to 9 minutes depending on how cold the water was that you used Colder water makes the material take longer to harden, and gives you more working time. Slightly warmer water can be used for babies and dogs to shorten the working time. Step 2 requires you to let the asting mixture harden an initial 4 hours, before you can take it out of the mold. But after that it akes about a 72 hour period to fully harden in a bright, dry environment before you can paint it.

What happens when my child or dog wiggles?

The molding mixture is a thick liquid that remains that way until the last 10 seconds when itsuddenly fully hardens very quickly. So any wiggling up until that point should not be an issue.After being hardened, the mold has become rubbery and flexible which means it won't be damaged when exiting the mold. (For dogs we suggest using olive oil on the part of their paw hat will be submerged, so the molding does not clump up in their fur.

What else do i need with the kits?

Depending on the kit type you receive a lot of extras that help make the best possible castin.Anything you'd need will be very easily found around your home, and we list everything out in a detailed instruction manual. As an example, we recommend a bowl or two to help mix the powders, and the timer on your phone.

Can I wear jewelry and wedding rings?

You sure can! Rings can give beautiful details to a casting. Keep in mind flat and tight fitting ewery works best. The material should not affect precious metals. Make sure it fits tight to all bits of hardened mold stuck on your jewelry caneasily be cleaned off with a toothpick and a damp cloth.

How many times can I use my kit?

A single casting statuette is created from each mold, because you need to break the mold open get the casting out. The cool thing about this is that each casting that is made in the world is 100%unique, even when it's the same two hands that make.

What if i make a mistake?
Because of our high quality, special formula the molding jelly is very forgiving of
round. The mold only fully hardens in the last ten seconds of the hardening process, which gives you time to get it right. If you follow our simple but detailed instructions, everything should be fine. We even provide some advice and/or tools on how you could fix any small imperfections that may have happened.

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